Selected Projects


Client: Ministry of Transportation and Ministry of Finance

Project: “Super Monitoring” over transportation infrastructure companies
Scope: Tens of billions of ILS
Services: Monitoring the following companies: Netivey Ayalon, Moria, Yefe Nof, Jerusalem Light Rail, Israel Ports, Road 6. Design Review; budget monitoring; construction and schedule monitoring; execution monitoring; engineering monitoring; organizational consulting.

Client: Jerusalem Municipality

Project: Construction of 5,000 classrooms
Scope: 9.5 billion ILS
Services: Preparing a five-year plan for the municipality; organizational consulting for the building of the Construction Department headquarters; construction, planning and schedule monitoring; budget monitoring; bid monitoring; performance monitoring; engineering monitoring; accounts monitoring; assembling a municipal specification for the construction of educational institutes; creating efficient work interfaces between municipality departments, the municipality and the execution companies and between the municipality and different government ministries.

Client: Ministry of Transportation

Project: Monitoring local municipality invoices
750 million ILS
monitoring invoices submitted to the Ministry of Transportation by local municipalities at the southern, Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria - Gaza districts.


Client: Accountant General

Project: Risk analysis of government headquarter complexes
Scope: Billions of ILS
Services: Risk analysis and mapping the risks in constructing of government headquarter complexes, together with KMPG.

Client: Ministry of Finance and NTA

Project: Arbitration between the state and a Tel Aviv Light Rail franchiser
Scope: 3 billion ILS
Services: Assorting and analyzing approx.. 1.5 million State and concessioner MTS documents for the arbitration.

Client: Ministry of Transportation

Project: The National Roads Administration- “Netiviei Israel”
Scope: 44.5 billion ILS
Services: External CFO services for the National Roads Administration .

Client: Jerusalem Municipality

Project: Feasibility study for construction of a WeWork for micro-industries
Scope: 300 million ILS
Services: Engineering feasibility analysis, including costs, together with KMPG.

Client: An International Cement Corporation

Project: Analysis of cement markets, construction, and infrastructure for examining the possibility of entering the Israeli market.
Services: Local advisor for an international corporation.



  • Preparing an Economic opinion in the precedential case of the wedding hall disaster – “Versailles Disaster”
  • Preparing an opinion for the Matza Committee on the topic of “wrongful birth” on behalf of the Bar Association
  • Preparing an expert opinion on discounting interests rates – “capitalization interest” – in tort claims for the Kamnitz
    committee / for discussion at the level of principle before the Supreme Court
  • Consulting for pension funds and insurance companies
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