Our Team

Shay Sohlberg, Adv.

Founder and CEO

Shay has three decades of experience in national infrastructure and construction mega projects.
He served as VP of NTA (Tel Aviv Light Rail) for 12 years.
Shay led a BOT tender for one of the most ambitious transportation projects in Israel. Serves as an advisor to many government ministries and public bodies, a professor in academic institutions for many years, and advises numerous public committees. Member of the boards of directors of investment companies and associations. Member of the Israel Bar Association and its committees, in the Government Companies Committee, and the Energy and Infrastructure Committee of the Israel Bar Association. Holds a bachelor’s degree in law and economics, and an MBA.

Prof. Idit Sohlberg


Professor Idit Solberg, Vice Rector of Ariel University. Academic head of the University’s Entrepreneurship Center and former head of the Economics and Business Management department at Ariel University.
Former Chair of the Kesem Continuing Education Fund and Director of the Center for Policy, Economics and Management. Served as a Senior Economist at the Research department of the Bank of Israel for 17 years, as well as the chairwoman of the Bank of Israel National Employees’ Union.

Yohanan Or


Has extensive experience in managing mega projects in infrastructure companies in Israel and abroad. Served as CEO of a construction company in Africa and later, served as CEO of Solel Boneh Roads in Israel. Held the position of CEO of the Trans-Israel Highway construction company. Subsequently, served as CEO of Netivei Hayovel of the Danya Cebus Group – the concessionaire for Highway 431, which was constructed using the PFI method. Managed the MTS Group – the concessionaire of the Tel Aviv Light Rail’s Red Line. He then served for 6 years as CEO of Electa Franchising at Electra Co., who led the projects of constructing the Military City in the south, pumped storage, student dormitories (Bar Ilan), and the Government Campus in Netanya. For 6 years, Yohanan served as Chairman of Kent Natural Damage Insurance Company in Agriculture. Previously, he held Air Force senior positions for 25 years.

Dany Yeres

Chief Engineer

Technion graduate in Civil Engineering. Seasoned in managing complex projects in planning, execution, maintenance, and operation, including mega projects such as Highway 6, Light Rail Lines in the Tel Aviv metropolis, IEC power stations, and the fast lane on Highway 1.
Previous Positions: VP Engineering Trans-Israel (Highway 6), Head of the Engineering/Financial Team for the IEC, Execution Manager of the Fast Lane on Highway 1, Planning and Execution Manager of State Works in Light Rail projects for NTA, Project Manager in the IDF/Construction Center in all areas of construction, and Head of the Maintenance Branch.
Special expertise in contracts/tenders and BOT projects.

Mario Shlomo Tarcic

Head of the Monitoring Team

Civil Engineer, with over 40 years of experience. Vast experience in managing the execution of mega projects, in Israel and abroad. Construction Manager Central Section of Highway 6, the BOT Project, Road 431 between Modiin and Rishon LeZion PFI, and the construction of Ramon Airport, Eilat. CEO of Drachim Construction and Infrastructure (A.C) Ltd. of the Ashtrom Group. Management and execution of projects in the fields of paving, infrastructure, and development, including bridging, tunneling, road maintenance, concrete works, and asphalt plants. 

Doron Cohen

Project Manager, COO

Construction Engineer. Holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and an MBA.
Former Project and Operations Manager in large organizations such as Bank Hapoalim, Leumi Bank, MGAR group, and Psagot Investment House.
Expert in characterization, analysis of cross-organizational processes, and devising work processes both in the field of O&M and in computing. Specializes in building command and control mechanisms using business intelligence systems, management dashboards and various command and control systems.

Shlomi Goichman

Head of a Schedule Team

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (B.Sc.)
Manages construction and infrastructure schedules. Expert in control and monitoring, planning & construction of integrative, skeletal & detailed schedules for planning and execution in infrastructure and construction projects.
Experienced in creating a methodology for managing schedules, O&M, procedures writing, planning & developing annual and multiannual project work plans.

Yanki Shemer

Head of an Engineering Team

Former manager of projects under execution and as project manager and supervisor in numerous companies.
Holds vast experience in execution, project & promotion management, and planning & consulting management.
Current Project: monitoring – construction of classrooms in the Jerusalem Municipality, supervision over Ministry of Tourism projects.

Sivan Nachmias

Project Manager, PMO

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Business Administration and an MBA.
Previously served as a team leader in the Department of Economics and Business Administration at Ariel University and managed premium customer accounts at Discount Bank.
Sivan has extensive experience in managing complex infrastructure control projects.

Zion Ovadia

Monitoring Team Manager

Has extensive experience in project management, engineering & project monitoring in the Ministry of Defense and the IDF. Among his various positions, he served as Senior Project Manager, Head of the Engineering Monitoring Department of the Construction Division (10 years), and as Manager of the entire Engineering Control System of the Construction Division at the Ministry of Defense. Closely monitor engineering control; examine tenders and approve them; construct annual work plans; check plans and tenders; accompany and train new project managers in construction while providing solutions and ongoing consultation; monitor work plans; accompany and participate in all project control processes in terms of planning, budget, and schedule.

Nitzan Bazelet

An expert in documentation and document management

Over 20 years of experience in Document Management in mega national infrastructure projects. Served as the Documentation Manager of the original Red Line project, Highway 6 North, commercial construction projects, and in a variety of engineering projects of various types, such as the pumped storage project. Nitzan serves as a consultant for project configuration and document management on an ongoing basis in many companies. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is a certified systems analyst.

Ayana Tralovskey

Project Manager, PMO

Holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (B.Sc.) Her position includes planning and construction of skeletal and detailed schedules for planning and execution, ongoing monitoring of the pace of execution, updating schedules on an ongoing basis, and identifying problems/delays/barriers. She has extensive experience in managing and controlling ongoing projects and schedules in the field of construction and infrastructure as well as building and implementing control methodologies in large organizations. She has a keen eye for detail and experience in managing and integrating processes, writing, and procedures monitoring.

Yana Ambar

Business Development Manager

Holds a B.Sc.in Psychology and an MA in Family Counseling.
For 3 years, served as Director of International Projects at Ariel University and before that, held the position of Marketing Communications Manager at an international marketing company.
Yana worked extensively in project management and market and product analysis. She has diverse experience in service and customer recruitment and in producing conferences and events in various fields of interest.

Maya Eldar

Project Manager, PMO

Has vast managerial experience in large public organizations. Seasoned in leading teams in a variety of projects, in various fields such as customer service and fundraising. Has experience in personnel processes, recruitment, process management, etc. Has extensive experience in a variety of training and messaging worlds.

Moti Sivani

Municipal Monitoring Chief Engineer

Graduate of Civil Engineering B.Sc. from the Faculty of Civil Engineering, the Technion Haifa.
Monitor dozens of classroom and kindergarten construction projects for the Jerusalem Municipality; supervise transportation projects in hundreds of local authorities; NTA – manage and supervise a test drilling project for planning the Tel Aviv metropolis Light Rail for the Red Line, Green Line and Purple Line; project manager during the planning stage of the Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line; Hod Hasharon Municipality – project manager in the planning stages for the construction of a residential neighborhood with 2,300 housing units and more.

Irina Kurtz

Project Manager, PMO

M.A. in Foreign Languages, Teaching and Education. Has extensive experience in a variety of complex projects in the fields of education, communications, and logistics. Holds vast administrative experience and in-depth familiarity with building and buying cross-organizational processes.

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