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Sohlberg is a consulting and monitoring company providing its clients with a 360° service.
Monitoring services: engineering monitoring, budget monitoring, schedule monitoring, accounts monitoring.
Consulting services: financial consulting, engineering consulting, bids – preparation of bids and proposals, as well as organizational consulting. Economic and engineering legal opinions and quantification services.
Sohlberg Consulting Ltd, has vast experience and success in the national infrastructure and construction projects.

About Sohlberg Consulting, Ltd.

Sohlberg Consulting Ltd, was established from a humanitarian and patriotic perspective and for the purpose of helping to build the Israeli state and society.
Sohlberg Consulting is composed of multidisciplinary teams of senior experts who have rich experience and diverse academic credentials and consulting and monitoring in different disciplines, seniors with vast experience and knowledge in consulting and monitoring: civil engineers, economists, industrial and management engineers, schedule management experts, quantifiers, legalists and experts in performance research.

The company specializes in the construction monitoring, transportation and infrastructure – engineering monitoring, financial monitoring and schedule monitoring – from the early stages of planning and up to the execution stages – the company leads the way in Mega Projects. Sohlberg also offers consulting services for projects, accounts monitoring, bid consulting, economic-strategic consulting, submitting legal opinion, etc.

We take pride in our ability to remain fully objective, professional, while providing our clients with an added value as a result of the quality of our work.

Sohlberg Consulting is one of Israel’s leading consulting and monitoring firms.


  • Budget control
  • Mitigating contractor claims


  • The Sohlberg “Seal of Quality”
  • Project optimization


  • Helping clients meet project schedule

Since 2011, the company is involved in projects totaling tens of billions of ILS.

  • ISO-9001- Certified by the Standards Institution of Israel
  • Authorized supplier of the Ministry of Defense
  • Cooperation with international firms
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The CEO of Sohlberg Consulting Ltd, Shay Sohlberg, an attorney and an economist with over 27 years of experience in the construction, transportation and infrastructure.
Commissioned as a major at the General Staff Reconnaissance Unit (Sayeret Matkal).
Served as Vice President of NTA – Metropolitan Mass Transit System Ltd. Tel Aviv metropolitan Light Rail system, for 12 years.
A Senior lecturer in leading academic institutions and international forums. A member of multiple boards of directors and public entities.

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